Ecoprints, a local ecological handcrafted print shop in Puerto Rico.

Our specialty is photoengraving handmade stamps, artisanal, compostable, organic and / or recycled content products. We contribute to the development of your business, brand or service with a variety of high-quality prints. On our website you will find options for custom prints, stamps and more!

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Estampa Cósmica by Ecoprints

Salem the Black Cat Glo’ in dark denim vestSalem the Black Cat Glo’ in dark denim vest
Salem the Black Cat ECO Backpack
  • What is photopolymer?

    It is a type of plastic sensitive to ultraviolet light and soluble in water. Accompanied with a non-toxic process full of art, magic and science. Remember to clean your stamp, dry it and store it in your little box or some dark place.

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